Computational Social Science Workshop in Japan 2016

The 28th Feb, 2016, Computational Social Science Japan Kickoff Workshop in Japan hosted by the Computational Social Science Japan Workgroup at Hottolink, Tokyo, Japan

Nowadays, social sciences are facing a serious paradigm shift because of developments of computer and internet technologies, though traditional social sciences are still very important. Since we can use a lot of actual social data for records as human activities and agents movements to analyse social phenomena, social science research can compare observed or experimental data and theoretical or computational simulation results. In some case, we can employ even methods of analysis in natural science like physics, chemistry or biology. However, the traditional social science is still very important because recorded data are, still, only a part of social activities in real world.

Therefore, we propose here a joint investigation for further progress of new social science using new computational technologies: computational science, natural science and traditional social science. In Europe, such movement has been appeared as the first international conference of computational social science held at Helsinki in 2015. Thus, we should construct a counterpart as computational social science
community in Japan.

Invited Speaker

s-Dirk Helbing Colour L
Dirk Helbing
Department of Humanities, ETH Zurich, Switzerland


Akira Ishii
Department of Applied Mathematics and Physics, Tottori University, Japan

Isamu Okada
Int. Business Administration, Soka University, Japan
Associate Professor

Takeshi Sakaki
Local Chair




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